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UK Cabaret Magazine

UK Cabaret Magazine

A UK Cabaret subscription costs just £30 a year. In return for this annual payment, you receive a copy of UK Cabaret magazine, delivered through the Royal Mail. Alternatively you may wish to receive your copy by e-mail. You also receive a business listing online and in print, if you are a working act, agent or supplier.

Our web-site is also available for subscribers to post their events or news. Providing you supply the artwork (J-Peg format only- No PDF Files) and the material is legal and in line with our advertorial policy, subscribers can make use of our high traffic web-site as part of their subscription at exactly half the price of advertising rates for non-subscribers.

You can view back issues of UK Cabaret at a highly competitive cost as we are now available on Amazon. You can now read UK Cabaret on your I-phone or Kindle. Search Amazon for details.

How to pay your subscription. Please e-mail [email protected] and we will send you a payment information attachment.